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[BUG?] "Weapon Styles for All" vs. "Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters"

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In a normal interactive install, Weapon Styles for All (#2060) comes up before Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters (#2450). This results in a WEAPPROF.2DA where the added dummy kits D5FIGHT, D5RANGE and CDSK[0..n] all have their respective 2WEAPON entries set to 2, which might be PnP-appropriate, but counter-intuitive with what one might expect to get after purposely installing WSfA (#2060).

I was expecting #2450 to only limit going above 2 pips for weapon profs, but not to also limit Two Weapon Style to 2 pips.

Therefore, I'd propose to place #2450 before #2060, or at least mentioning this functional conflict in the readme.


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Err, I just noticed that Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters doesn't seem to work at all in my installation. I had installed that component after EET_end; currently testing if it works before EET_end.

EDIT: Oookay, how do I explain this mess without appearing like a complete idiot or using too many words...?

  • Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters works like intended - mostly.
    • If you "skip" levels by using the console to gain XP or accumulate enough XP without leveling, and surpass your old class (I tested with a fighter), then it's possible to allocate pips like an unrestricted/single class fighter.
  • For further level-ups, the PnP restrictions apply.
  • But it's possible to allocate 3 pips for Two Weapon Style.
  • Installing before or after EET_end doesn't matter. This was a guess, because just today I learned that installing new kits before or after EET_end *does* matter (kit names don't use new strings for the BG1 part of EET in the character record if installed after EET_end).

So in the end it's working exactly like I wanted it to be, but I don't understand why. *sigh*

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