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Recruitable NPC Idea: Glug the Arcane Ooze

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Inspired by the D&D 3.5 Arcane Ooze and the polymorph self spell from Baldur's Gate which has a Mustard Jelly form, this companion would likely dwell in the sewers beneath Athkatla.  Maybe it telepathically communicates with the party - either intelligently or in a series of glugs, gurgles, and slime noises that's descriptive enough to convey meaning, akin to how Chewbacca from Star Wars .  Maybe it was once an intelligent being that was cursed or unfortunately transformed into this form.

Glug would have all the racial benefits of being a mustard jelly with the added advantage of learning and casting spells like a Sorcerer.  His pseudopods would allow him to manipulate and use quickslot items, and he has an inventory despite his composition.  (Morte from Planescape: Torment also had these options.)

His movement speed would be increased to match that of a typical human.

His natural weaponry would become

Glug can't equip most items.  His pseudopods can equip rings, amulets, belts, and boots, and Glug can equip ioun stones because they orbit him.  That's it.

-Is Glug too weak long-term to compete with other, more traditional party members like Edwin?

-How severe is the loss of item slots beyond a Staff of the Magi and Robe of Vecna?

-While I understand that, just like the mechanical implementation of the character, how this is implemented matters, I was concerned about how interesting this 'incomprehensible to the player but comprehensible to the characters in the world' approach would be.  (I know some people like verbose interpersonal interactions.)

-Would you rather the character be innately an arcane ooze or transformed?

The inspiration's yours if you want it.  Enjoy!


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And if you've ever done that, you'll notice that there are places humanoids can go that oozes can't. The standard mustard jelly sprite takes up more ground space than any of the sprites for the standard player races. Easily rectified with a custom animation, but it's another obstacle.

Ideas are cheap. Creators usually have more ideas than they can act on and actually produce, and an NPC mod with all of its dialogue is a lot of work. I doubt you'll find anyone willing to take that on.

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