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Um, hello? Is this thing on? 

On August 13th 2023, Item Pack became 14 years old! To commemorate the joyous occasion I have decided to include a new component dedicated to Planescape:Torment, my favorite game of all time. This update also serves to provide alternate download mirrors for the mod due to SHS's shortage.

New changes are as follow:

- Added a new Planescape:Torment component.
- Added a new BAM for the Sling of Everard to the More Distinguishable Items component.
- Added extra tokens for the slot machine in Spellhold to the Extra Items component.
- Added an option to upgrade the Silver Sword to the Tweaked Items component.
- Added the Shakti Figurine to the Tweaked Items component.
- Changed some of the items' usabilities, which should be more dual-kitted friendly now.
- Changed the location of the Bracers of Icelandic Pearl.
- Changed Ulcaster's Academy Ring, now it no longers replaces the Vampiric Sword to avoid conflict with other mods.
- Fixed an issue with Malla's Soul Stone protecting from Cure Disease instead of the Diseased state.
- Fixed an issue with Club of Detonation's and Harbinger's party-friendly Fireball, which summoned the Cowled Wizards if the magic license wasn't paid.
- Fixed an issue with Holy Chaos! Decks's charges being incorrectly set.
- Updated WeiDU version to v249.
- Changed ReadMe format.


You can download the mod here and here, or from the attachment in this post.


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