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[Proposal/Request] branched, non-linear chapter 2 and 3 for BG1

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While sidequests can be done in any order you want, the main story develops linearly: you go to Nashkel, start chapter 2, clear the mines from the kobolds, start chapter 3, clear the bandit camp.

I suggest, as an alternative, to branch the questline, if it is possible and not too much of a hassle to mod.

In this idea, you are tasked both with clearing the mines and finding the bandit camp from the beginning. Whichever major quest you do first will trigger chapter 3. Completing both will then lead to chapter 4.

You will find early hints to reach the bandit camp, if you want, but it won't be immediate - just like getting to the end of the mines requires to crawl through some areas before. This will bring in a bit more variety during playthrough, since there should not be really anything preventing us from deciding to focus on bandits and randomly stumbling upon their camp. If you defeat Tazok first, you won't find documents leading to the Cloakwood mines, rather documents hinting that Nashkel mines are somehow connected in a big conspiracy. When you later defeat Mulahey, and are redirected to Tranzig, who possesses documents leading to the Cloakwood.

Another option: the quest you do first will be easier, the one you post-pone will be a bit harder, assuming that the enemies notice your interference and prepare better defenses. So, for example, Nashkel mines would have a stronger opposition, something better than a few weak kobolds, because we could assume that Tazok sent a messenger to Mulahey, warning him and suggesting to reinforce defenses because Charname is expected to strike sooner or later.

What do you think?

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