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Noob w/ portrait Q


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Greetings. I stumbled across this site quite by accident. I was searching google for Werewolf Portraits for BG2, and found the Delainy site. I looked around, and have to say...I like it. I am very interested in downloading it, and if it's available, I will begin doing so very soon. But..back to my original inquiry.


I was looking for some portraits of lycanthropes, in werewolf form, that I could use as custom portraits for my hero. Back before my computer crashed I had a Shapeshifter/Fighter that I absolutely loved, and I intend on making him again (perhaps even attempting the fabled Single Character Game with him.)


I apologize if I put this on the wrong board, or if you get such questions on a somewhat frequent basis. It's starting to storm here, so I was in a little bit of a hurry to get this up, so that others might be able to start responding. Thank you, in advance for your assistance. I hope to hear from you soon.

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There's an awful lot of portraits out there, so you may have a bit of a search ahead of you. There may actually be some hybrid form portraits on the Delainy forum, check out the Portrait Preferences thread, here:



If you can't find any there, you could try some of the portrait sites linked to here:





Incidetally, Delainy is currently in an Alpha state, but principle writing is nearing completion, so check her forum for details.

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I thank you for your hasty reply. I checked out some of the sites you offered, and found many nice portraits, however, unfortunately, none were quite what I was looking for. Thankfully though, there is hope, as I just now figured out how to use the picture I wanted. I got it off another site, but it was in the wrong format (jpeg). I just figured it out now. So thankfully, I can use the portrait I wanted to use.

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