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Just a fleeting thought: ChatGPT...😅

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Is there any TurboNerd, with high tech capabilites, who wish to try to implement it?

my own tech knowledge level is the one monkeys got before finding the monolith, so i don't ever consider it a proposal (it would be arrogat asking for something without having the abilities to at least help in doing it), but just food for thought.


My opinion is that advaced AI would fit better in old games such this one than a lot newer rpgs pointed just on graphics (which often feel more like talkative shoot'em up)

I've seen an experimental mod using chatGPT for project zomboid, and it was very cool...


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24 minutes ago, Endarire said:

Use ChatGPT for what?

In a rpg? it would be a boost in immersion... dynamic dialog, npc with evolving personalities according to their experiences, random quests AI maded. and many more

In project zomboid, a play solo game, it dynamically insert companions and fellows whose living all around, making stuff and with the abilities to interact with the PC... some trade with him, other hunt him etc..

of course i don't know the impact it had on hardware requisites and stability... but it seemed pretty interesting

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