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Guidelines On Reporting Bugs

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A bug is, well, a bug. It's anything that isn't right, from a broken install routine to an erroneous apostrophe. All information on all bugs is welcomed.


A bug report should be as detailed as possible - prefer extra information to terseness, even if that information is potentially irrelevant.


As a guide, try to include the following:

  • Your version of the Multi-Install Tool.
  • What is wrong.
  • Why this is wrong (and what you would expect).
  • If it's during gameplay, when you see it.
  • Anything else that can help to reproduce the problem.

Please report each new bug in a new thread. Also, please include some detail about the bug in the title, as well as your version of the Multi Install Tool.


Also, see if it has been reported before - adding detail to an existing bug, rather than posting a new report, is often less work for you and more helpful for us. :thumbsup:


This forum should also be used for feature requests.


Feel free to contribute code or ideas to fixing any bug. All input is welcomed and appreciated. :)

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