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Does anyone know what's the amount of traps and locks in the game?

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I've been thinking to play a game with no traps and locks, so without a thief for once.

And I was wondering - what's the amount of xp I would be losing if I were to be playing without traps and locks ? Are there enough locks and traps to actually offset the impact of losing of 1 party member?

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According to NI's Advanced Search I could find

- 264 detectable traps
- 436 locked containers
- 64 locked doors

in BG2EE+BP2:
- 188 detectable traps
- 318 locked containers
- 46 locked doors

In BGEE the XP bonus would be negligible. In BG2EE that would be a bonus of more than 1M XP when unlocked/disarmed by thieves of level 16 or higher. However, these numbers include all campaigns and NPC/Quest-specific areas.

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Basically to have it anywhere near decent values you would have to set the traps and locks to what you would get if you had a level 16 thief. Thanks Argent77. Would have loved if the check was split between 

but it will be a good reason to check nearinfinity and learn how to use it.

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