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I Found a bug

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When starting a fresh game or  install of mods then getting into the game after meeting Imoen she then takes over as the main character as lead. She will talk and dialogue will be under her name for some reason even if i select my main character and walk away from her to go to talk to a NPC it will have her picture/dialogues To test that it was your mod i unistalled only your mod and then re-loaded the game and then my game lead character went back to normal. 

I dont have the files but i have the list of order of mods i used 

Dlc Merger
Lefreut’s UI
Unfinished Business
Quests & Encounters
Tweaks Anthology
Hidden Gameplay Options

Just thought you should know :)

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Very strange. I used BG1NPC with LeUI, UB, QE, Tweak Anthology and plenty of other mods and I never noticed it.

Could you be a little more descriptive about the issue?
I ask because, if memory serves me well, at the beginning (I guess till Beregost?) Imoen will be quite intrusive in the dilogue, interrupting or superseding the main char, but it's a prank of sort and is quite noticeable.

Meanwhile, I will try to reproduce the issue with your mod order, just in case.

Is it a BGEE+SOD install, right?

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@Frenzgyn yes actually i meant at the beginning where start. i consider that area at the castle and where Imoen interrupts a tutorial. I mean right after Gorion passes away from battle and Imoen meets in the woods usually after she talks to you she come along in the party and when you meet you first two NPC's thats when your main character will step up and start talking including thereafter. BUT IMOEN actually took over and was talking as if she had new dialogue in the game. Maybe this is normal ? Someone in discord said it was normal for the NPC to talk whenever but i literally only had my character the leader selected when i talked in the start which is why i thought it was weird. if need be i can re-install the mod and try to get it to do it again while i get screenshots or give you files. Im not trying be a bother i hope not atleast. but i thought you would want to know about this

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Nah, neverming, already installing, no bothering.

I'll post here a few screens of the Montaran and Xzar conversation, so we could check together if it was what you were experiencing. If that is the case, is it the way the mod was created, with Imoen overenthusiastic that try to steal words from the main character.

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