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FW: Art competition

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Hi all,


For a while, we've had an art competiton in mind. After finally getting the logistics organised, we're about to kick it off.


The idea is that Sebastian, Immortality and myself have made available a basic photo, which we'd like members of the community to 'baldurise.'


We appreciate that the time needed for this varies considerably so we're going to allow a week for these to get done. Entries will be needed by 22:00 GMT 3rd June.


Now, we appreciate that this can appear daunting so a few members of SES have created some basic tutorials to get you started. This can ber found here: -




And here are the rules (not that easy to avoid I'm afraid): -


1) We'll only accept the portraits in typical formats, BMP, JPG or GIF, its just a time saver. MS paint can save in all three so they're accessible enough.


2) If you submit more then one portrait, please place them in a winzip/winrar file.


3) Depending on who you edit, please place either Seif, Seb or Ana in the portrait title. Anything with a different naming convention will just be deleted.


4) Although we're open for variety, portrait abuse isn't on the agenda. Complete butchery (literally and figuratively) won't be looked on favourably nor will any stupidity. Completely inappropriate portraits may be removed from the competition. Please be tactful.


5) Only the 3 pictures provided are to be used for 'Baldurising'. Portraits using any other pictures will be disregarded.


6) All portraits submitted immediately become the property of Sol Ek Sa. Don't worry, these portraits will not be used for anything else other than including them in the prize. The artist keeps the right to display the artwork on their personal website and/or art gallery.


The judges are the only persons barred from entry, anyone else can enter and send in as many entries as they like.


The judging panel consists: -

Me - Event organiser and group head (nice flashy title =))

Archmage - SES Rep

bt_igi - Because he asked nicely

Grim Squeaker - Because I asked nicely


And the pics themselves.


Seif - http://www.final-exodus.net/~grim_squeaker...0this%20Man.jpg


SC - http://www.sconrad.net/blah/fw-competition.jpg


Imortality - http://www.final-exodus.net/Images/fw/ana/IMG_0019.JPG


In terms of prizes, we're going to incorporate the winning portrait into a FW themed mod. You can pick who the portrait is added too, barring the obvious choices of NPC's, major characters and those who have a portrait already.


There might also be a few other things planned for the winner...


Any questions, feel free to ask here.

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