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[Bug] Install error with new components

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The new components

  • PnP Potions [Luke]
  • Spontaneous Casting for Clerics [Luke]
  • Weapon Finesse feat for Thieves [Luke]
  • Dual-Wield feat for Rangers [Luke]

are calling for tp2 files (ie lib/comp_2640.tpa) but those have .tph extensions.

Even when changed to .tpa I get this:

//In state 960, I expected one of these tokens:
//  [254] END
//Parse error (state 960) at EOF
//[cdtweaks\luke\misc.tph] PARSE ERROR at line 222 column 1-3
//Near Text:
//    GLR parse error
//[cdtweaks\luke\misc.tph]  ERROR at line 222 column 1-3
//Near Text:
//    Parsing.Parse_error
//ERROR: parsing [cdtweaks\luke\misc.tph]: Parsing.Parse_error

Once I add a END to line 187 of luke\misc.tph (a few lines there seem to have been lost in fact), the installation can start at last.

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