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Possible Mod issues starting Chapter 6

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I am hoping I can post here and get some help with this issue.  Many of the mods I am using are G3 mods, so hopefully someone has seen this issue and has a fix.  I did find two references to this issue in a general web search, but no real fix.

I started a new game with some mods (WeiDU.log attached), and things seem mostly fine, until I got into Chapter 6.

I talked to Drizzit, he agreed to help and then I went to spent money at adventurer's mart and the special items dialogue did not trigger

I thought ok, maybe there is some weird issue and went to talk to Aran Linvail and got send back to Spellhold, chapter 4 started again and my journal was showing that I am in "chapter 7"

I reloaded and started checking things, and:

- There is no bodhi in graveyard (I can just walk through her lair, is completely empty)

- Aran thinks we are still in chapter 3

- The prelate of the knights won't talk to me beyond "hi"

- No special items from Ribald

Some parts work (like the encounter with Kruin about silver blade and the forest areas are also available), but I cannot continue the main story, so...

I already checked my global variables (chapter is set properly to 6); tried to shift through EEKeeper, but no dice.

Please see my WeiDU.log attached

Anyone have any ideas?  I really can't continue at this point and I really don't want to start over. 






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