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Made new spider, but it's not dropping its corpse (BG2)

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Alright, so you know how there's a spider in Beregost in BG1 that drops its corpse when you kill it? (MISC60).

I want to do that in BG2. I've made my spider (GGPTLS.cre) [stands for "Glittergear's Party, Tasty Looking Spider"].

I used my TP2 file as a script to add MISC60 to GGPTLS, like so:

//adds dead spider body to Tasty Looking Spider
COPY_EXISTING ~GGPTLS.cre~ ~override/GGPTLS.cre~
ADD_CRE_ITEM ~MISC60.itm~ #0 #0 #0 ~IDENTIFIED~ ~inv~

But whenever I kill the spider, nothing drops.

I also made sure to create the spider via TP2 script before trying to add MISC60.

anyone have any idea? I need the Tasty Looking Spider to drop a corpse when it dies.

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Belated response ...

Your problem with that function call is the first parameter. You only use the resource reference ~MISC60~, as that's what goes in the field in the CRE file. Adding the .itm ... well, either it tries to append that and runs into the problem that there's no resource "MISC60.I.itm", or there's an error check that notices that the parameter is either too long or contains a character . that can't be in a valid resource reference.

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