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Dreaming Of Anomen


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This is my first attempt at fan fic - so please be kind. :D


The moment she saw him, Ashara knew that they were meant to be together. He was so handsome – her knight in shining armor.


It started slowly, trying to find out about each other. Giving each other special looks, brushing up against each other “accidentallyâ€Â. There were also the occasional spats, the course of true love does not always run smoothly.


Ashara remembered the first time she gave Anomen a kiss. It was just a quick peck on the cheek, but she wanted to let him know that he was not alone. He had seemed so lost after his sister’s death. She had accompanied Anomen to his family home to see what they could learn of Moira’s death. After meeting his abusive father, Ashara could certainly understand why Anomen lacked self-confidence. Once outside the estate, she gave his hand a squeeze and kissed him on the cheek.


The budding romance flourished even more once Anomen had passed his test for knighthood. He began showering Ashara with flowers and gifts, eventually declaring his love for her. The days that followed were filled with love and joy. Anomen became her fierce protector and was at her side in all things. He shared her grief over the fall of Saradush and expressed a growing concern about her fate when the last of the Five were gone. Finally, the joyous day arrived when Anomen proposed to Ashara, and she could hardly think of anything else.


The wedding was the grandest that any had seen in quite a while. All of Baldur’s Gate’s finest turned out for the event. The happy couple returned to Athkatla and restored the Delryn estate. Days were filled with love and joy and soon a child was on the way. Jaheira attended to the needs of Ashara during the blessed event. Anomen, the anxious father to be, paced outside the room with Keldorn lending support. After hours in labor, Jaheira finally appeared to announce, “Congratulations, it’s a….â€Â


Ashara’s reverie was interrupted by the Solar’s voice reminding her she had a decision to make. She looked down at the still, lifeless body of her beloved Anomen in her arms, whispering softly into his hair, “You said you’d never leave me. Please come back, I need you…â€Â

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