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Romance expansion mod help

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Hello Beautiful People,

I would like to start with modding. I'd like to start with expanding and enhancing Aerie Romance a little bit. Where should i start?
I'd like to:
1 expand current dialogues
2 Add some dialogues with location/quest trigger.

What do I need? Where should i start?
The only tool I have is Near Infinity

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I saw that, thank you so much . To be honest regarding weidu code chatgpt is very helpful. I think i will manage. I'm intending just adding some flavour, not much. Aerie is a sweet girl yet her romance is a little bit lacking depth comparing to Viccy and Jaheira or even good romance mods like Isra or Xan

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People have attempted to use chatgpt for WeiDU before. Bluntly, it's not going to get you anywhere useful. While the mod is designed for adding a full NPC rather than expanding a romance track, the Branwen NPC mod is exhaustively commented and will walk you through all of its various components. Chatgpt will confidently provide you with code that looks superficially correct but which will do, at best, nothing.

Download Notepad ++ and these highlighters, they'll save you time.

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