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Call of the Lost Goddess V 1.0 is now available!

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Call of the Lost Goddess is a quest mod that adds new quests, areas, monsters and items to BG2. It is inspired by the pen-and-paper adventure "For Duty and Deity" by Dale Donovan. 

Key features:

  • 46 new areas to explore (45 areas newly designed from scratch in 3D; 1 modified area from IWD)
  • A new city district accessible from the worldmap: Goldspires
  • More than 40 new unique items
  • New monsters with new animations: Vrocks, Dretches, Nighthags and many more
  • Challenging battles
  • Many sidequest for a full gameplay experience
  • Multiple different roleplaying options to solve most quests
  • 8-10 hours playing time
  • The mod is set in the SoA part of the trilogy
  • The adventure and quests are playable from the beginning of the game
  • Game engine: BG2EE and EET
  • Recommended character level: Level 10+

Current version: 
Version 1.0 

Click the link below to download the English version of the mod from the German Baldur's Gate community page: 

Download the mod



Mod forum:




Acifer: Graphics, design, programming
Morpheus562: Enemy and encounter design, scripting
Lava: Ideas, item graphics and design, Beta Testing
Weigo: Worldmap programming
megrimlock: English version, proofreading, Beta testing
OiseauRebelle: Beta testing
Soul: Beta testing
Morywen: Beta testing
Genwa: Beta testing
shadowlich: Debug test run, proofreading
Taimon: Coding help
Argent: Coding & WeiDU help
Roberciiik: Worldmap help for BP-BGT
Shai Hulud, Lotus Noctus, Belryll, Danol: Help with German translation
Laura Hirsbrunner: Readme Template

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