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iwd2: ChangeStat


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Ok, ChangeStat seems like a very useful action, if it worked perfectly.

Here are the results:

Armourclass, extra strength and level(2/3) are causing assertion, this is fine, they are leftovers from 2nd edition.

12 (knowledgearcana?), and 13 - they are placeholders for saving throws. Knowledgearcana doesn't work as advertised, and i couldn't find anything that would replace it.

I didn't try 25 (alchemy), but if that works for lore -aka knowledgearcana- then we miss alchemy.

The resistance settings worked except for magicdamage/resistpoison. The magicdamage stat exists, and could be changed in the creature file, but i couldn't modify it by this action.

Gold and Reputation changes work in a way (they modify a field in the creature), but they are virtually useless.

55 Turnundeadlevel does something, it modifies a byte in the creature after Luck. But i saw no change in the display.

90 Hideinshadows works.

94 Usemagicdevice - if using with the SET option, it sets movesilently, but if using with the ADD option it sets Usemagicdevice. This is an obvious cut/paste bug - BLEAH.

Setting individual class levels works too.

Most of the rest doesn't have any visible effect.

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