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Mod - Transferring Yoshimo's XP


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Extracts from the Readme


This Mod aims to provide some incentive to continue using Yoshimo for the early part of SoA, and remove issues that deal with things like "rushing" for Imoen, provided one uses Yoshimo. This Mod assumes that the primary "cost" of Yoshimo's betrayal lies in losing the XP which he has earned earlier, effectively wasting it, and attempts to rectify that while promoting RP of Yoshimo's betrayal.


His XP is restored to the party after Bodhi releases the party into the Spellhold Maze.


If Imoen joins the party, Imoen gains the XP from Yoshimo ; if she joins at level 13 and has considerable XP, she won't gain as much XP as otherwise.


If Imoen does not join the party and is "dismissed" from the Maze, Yoshimo's XP is awarded to the party as Experience.



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