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Help with BP-BGT-NEJ!

Guest jeartellas

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Guest jeartellas

I sure hope BP/BGT/NEJ is worth it, because its installation is driving me MAD :)!!!


I've downloaded every file in it's propper place, I've use the FileChecker to check my files. Everything's as it should be, there is no apparent problem.


Except it doesn't work. It wont let me open BGII! When ever I try and run the program, I encounter this error message


An Assertion failed in ChDimm.cpp at line number 628 Programmer says: Unable to Open BIG:data\Hd0GMosc.bif


I've found the afformentioned Data File, and it seems to be fine. I had assumed that it somehow got misplaced during the installation, but its right where it should be.


:) Gah, I've gone through so much agony and time to download this Mod, and now it isn't even working! I call upon the collective wisdom of the Forum-goer's to save me!

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