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Multiple silver blades

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That part in the game where Simon Haverian gives you the silver blade is real buggy.


In one game I got 4 silver blades, 2 of them which cannot be removed from my hero's inventory!


In the sequence where the ship is boarded, you can talk to simon again and he will give you the silver blade again and then you will do the boarding sequence again.


Also if you attack the gith too early it can mess up the sequence causing the gith captain to not show up and demand the blade and you will be stuck.

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I did some more testing:


It seems if you can pause and attack the gith before Simon says "alright men, prepare yourselves to be boarded..." then the normal "story" sequence is missed and your technically stuck unless you talk to Simon again which will start the whole thing over ( and give you another silver sword or two ).


Sometimes this happens even if you don't pause.


Sometimes you can also talk to Simon after he starts to battle the gith but BEFORE he casts his stoneskin. This will reset the whole thing yet again and he will give you another silver sword ( or two.. ).


Whether or not you get 2 silver blades seems to be completely random. If you get 2 one is unremovable.


I also noticed that if I check the game text it has 2 lines which say "the party has been given an item" right after Simon hands you the sword, even if I only get one silver blade.


This is hands down probably the buggiest part of the game.

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My mistake.


It seems you ALWAYS get 2 silver blades. It was just the other one was sometimes handed to another party member and I did not notice.


That explains why there are always 2 notices "your party gains an item".


Seems to depend on who is closest to Simon.

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