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Spell Progression


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Okay, let's try this in the proper forum. Long day.


I've been messing around with kit creation for my own amusement, and I wondered if it was possible to give extended spell progression to a ranger or paladin kit without giving ALL of the kits access to these extra spells. I know I could change the MxSplxxx.2da files, but I'm quite certain that would change all kits to use the extended spell tables. Would it be possible to whip up a spell applied in the CLAB to add extra spells and such?


Sorry if this is as stupid a question as it sounds to me; I'm very new to messing with anything but the simplest changes, but I'm certainly having fun trying.



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One way to do this would be to change the MxSplxxx.2da files, and apply spells in the CLABs for the trueclass and other kits to remove the extra spells.


There is an annoying bug we discovered with Cleric Remix to do with removing spells, but I don't think we ever discovered if it has any effect if the character's not supposed to have any spells at that level.

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Hmm, a spell to remove the excess spell slots? I'd definitely not thought of that one. Interesting. :p


What would that do to compatibility, however, should I, for some unknown reason, decide to ever release such a thing? Unlikely, but something I'd like to keep in mind, regardless.

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