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A Question If I May please..Would Really Help...


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I first wish to say thankyou to all here that helped me with installing the mods.."Thankyou"...I have a question,and..well i lost my father this morning to cancer :p cant sleep etc,I I always but him in all the games I could {Ncaa,madden etc)..and well I wanted to know if there was a mod or a way to make him an npc that interacted like the other ones or just make a multiplayer game,and create him.Sorry to bug you all..just cannot sleep,and just wondering around on the web...Thankyou for your time all.

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss, this must be a terrible time for you. You can make an NPC, if that's what you want to do and there are many tutorials here and at other modding sites as to how to make a custom NPC. The process is long, however.


A Multiplayer NPC is much faster. Just start a multiplayer game, make the characters, add whatever cutom portraits etc you like and then save the game. then move that save form the multiplayer save directory to the single player save directory and it can be played as a single player game.

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