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I made a Super Sword wich work well but I need..

Guest Doomer The Shadly One

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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

Hi there, I made a real nice sword. It's named Firkraag's Burning Horn and it was forged with one of Firkraag's Horn and the fallen red dragon's soul is imprisoned inside it.

It's a Short Sword +5/+5 and it does and additionnal 4d4+4 fire damages. It also grant you immunity to fear while wielding it and it can summons Firkraag's Soul to fight for you once per day but it last only 20 seconds. The sword work well and all. Anyone know of a way for me to put that sword on the net ? I'm sure there is a lots of people who would like to summons a red dragon in baldur's gate 2. My weapons needs 2 files to work, the dragon file and the sword file wich must be both placed in the override folder of BG2 and and I believes if someone downloaded my weapon files he'd need to edit it with Cromwell's Smithy unless he don't care about having no item description so I should also included a text file with the desciption of my sword. So if someone know of a way to put my sword on the web and to solve my item description problem just say it if you wish I mean please...

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