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Raven_Nexus: What do you think of interracial relationships and breeding?


Aklon: I understand it usually occurs when two beings of different races find one another attractive. It does not concern me, if that is what you are asking.

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(like this? Terribly sorry if I lack understanding. :blush: )

(yeah, like that) :cry:



Moongaze: Aklon, do you ever use weapons?


Aklon: Yes, I do. There are certain things that I would rather not hit with my bare fist. I favour the use of smaller weapons, daggers, short swords, clubs and so on. They are easier to find and conceal, should I have a need to.

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Moongaze: Does your bare-handed fighting style have a name or title?


Aklon: I have studied at many schools, so my fighting style is not completely one thing or the other. However, my basic style is heavily influenced by the Koshikami school of battle.

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P. Jane of Babylon: (A plain-looking girl enters the room and looks at Aklon, launching into the interview almost immediately). "Aklon, I have three questions for you:


(1) From what I gather, you're quite an intellectual, and have been since you were born. So why did you become a monk, as opposed to something like a wizard or a lore-gathering bard?


Aklon: I did not choose to become a monk, if I can be called one at all. My future was determined for me and it was required that I have mastery over both body and mind. Magic is a deep and complex subject, not to be mastered lightly and while a bard may know many things, they are not strong in battle. So, while I belong to no martial order of monks, the training I recieved mirrors the discipline and persuits of such places.



P. Jane of Babylon: (2) Before you mentioned your sister being a seer. I don't suppose you'd be willing to tell us more about her, would you?


Aklon: Cirenya, quiet and unassuming as she was, often had trouble when we were younger. Many of the children in my master's house were suspicious, even afraid of her. When her visions were particularly strong, she would fall into a trance and often speak of the things she saw. When she correctly prophecied several deaths in the house, the other servants began to believe that Cirenya's vision had caused those deaths. Fortunately, my master's hand sheilded her from anything worse than suspicion or insult. Most of the time.



P. Jane of Babylon: and (3)... Will you play hide-and-seek with me? Please? Oh pretty pretty please? I'll even be the seeker if you don't wanna seek. Pleeeeease?"


Aklon: (Aklon blinks in surprise) Er... If you wish to... yes, I shall.

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Ahlanna: So, I'm curious- as a fellow blonde, I'm sure you're faced with all sorts of stereotypes that we're stupid. My question to you is, have you ever thought of becoming an artificial redhead? Maybe even black hair?


Aklon: I have changed my hair colour from time to time as a means of disguise, but I allow it to revert to its true colour when I am done. If someone chooses to think me a fool for my hair colour, then the advantage is mine, is it not?


Ahlanna: Interesting. I hear you also make potions. Would I be correct in assuming you know how to make the powerful "Love Potion No. 9?"


Aklon: I know of a number of potions that can be used to fog the mind in various ways, though I do not specifically know of "Love Potion number nine". Do you know if it is related to the Potion of the Nine Heavenly Clouds?


Ahlanna: This cloak doesn't make me look fat, does it? (does a quick turn around)


Aklon: (Aklon raises an eyebrow) No.

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Dreamer S&M: um..How well can you take a joke? yknow just a friendly prank. not something thatd make you look foolish or at the expense of you or others. :) or are you more one for intelligent humor?


Aklon: If done without malice, practical jokes can quite amusing and I have been humbled enough in my life to accept them as they are meant. That would not mean, of course, that I would want my day completely filled with such.


Wit too can be a source of amusement and I must say that I favour it.



Dreamer S&M: Have you ever loved someone before?


Aklon: Other than my family? No, I have not. I am rarely in the same place for very long, which is not conducive to the forging of such relationships.



Dreamer S&M: What do you think of the color pink?


Aklon: (Aklon raises an eyebrow) What do I think of it? It is a colour like any other. It is poor for camoflage and on clothing it can be both fetching and garish depending on how it is used.



Dreamer S&M: What would you think of an independant sweet highway bandit girl with a knack for disarming traps traveling with you?


Aklon: I believe I would not have any difficulties with such a person. In fact, the type rather reminds me of an old friend of mine. She was not much good at traps however.



Dreamer S&M: Howzabout a scholarly bookworm kinda girl?


Aklon: I admit I am often keen to know scholars, so one would make a most welcome travelling companion. I could forsee many long and interestnig conversations.



Dreamer S&M: Or maybe a singer of depressive doomsongs to teach the world how foul and worthless everything is?


Aklon: Frankly, I would consider such a person to be an ordeal more than a companion. I prefer to look and see for myself than let another tell me of the way things are.



Dreamer S&M: Um what wouldn't you do for the one you love?


Aklon: For the ones that I love? Nothing, unless it would make them unhappy.



Dreamer S&M: Are you a jealous person (in love)?


Aklon: I should like to think not.



Dreamer S&M: Are you romantic? yknow the whole bunch. flowers, wine, dinner, candlelight, soft music... :O cuddling?


Aklon: I have never had reason to be so.



Dreamer S&M: What's your opinion on same-gender relationships? Both for men and women.


Aklon: How and where another finds love is not any of my business. I do not hold such relationships to be any different from those between man and woman, or human and elf, or any other, for that matter.



Dreamer S&M: Do you worship a deity? If yes which one and why? Is there a deity or religion you really dislike?


Aklon: I have no patron deity. I prefer to offer all gods and goddesses their fair worship in their fair time. It is something of a habit I picked up travelling beyond the demense of Faerun's pantheon. It is not my place to dislike gods, but I have had numerous difficulties with worshippers of Cyric, and before Him, Bane. I believe this to be more of a problem with temprement than with any real dislike they have of me.



Dreamer S&M: Do you wear monk robes or just casual travel attire?


Aklon: I am not a monk in the traditional sense, although my training was similar, so I do not wear monk's robes. I keep my clothing just as you see it, practical as my lifestyle demands. Breeches, a shirt, a leather jerkin to keep the undergrowth off and stout boots. I need no more.



Dreamer S&M: May I do your hair? :)


Aklon: (Aklon raises an eyebrow) If you insist, I suppose so.



Dreamer S&M: Do you have a nice firm muscled chest?

May I see?





Aklon: My chest has such muscles as it has. But I think that perhaps you have imbibed enough ale for this evening.

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Disari: (elven swashbuckler) What are your thoughts on the Bhaalspawn blood??


Aklon: I have heard of the prophecy of Bhaal's Children. I think it would be most interesting to meet one, to speak with them and learn the truth before legend erases it.




Drielle: (elven M/T) You said you had never been in love and had an open mind about soul mates. How would you characterize your ideal love relationship??


Aklon: I suppose that it would have to be trusting and affectionate. Beyond that, I do not think it matters. From what I understand, soul mates can often be those you would least expect.




Disari: I find it different that you don't have a chosen deity?? Who do you pray to or give thanks??


Aklon: I pray to whichever deity it is apropriate to pray to. If I am lucky, I pray to Lady Tymora. In battle, I pray to Lord Tempus. I picked up the practice iwhile on my travels, where I have often moved out of the influence of a deity. It does no good to pray to Lady Tymora when in the lands overseen by Lady Kwan Ying, so I pay reverence where it is due. I have never been dealt any divine retribution, so the practice seems to work.




Drielle: How do you define "committed relationship"?


Aklon: A commited relationship? From the tone of your previous question, I take it you are referring to a relationship between two lovers, yes? I would see it as the stage in such a relationship where the two have both recognised their affection for the other and seek such love only from one another.




Disari: What is your greatest strength?? What is your biggest weakness or shortcoming??


Aklon: I would think that my greatest strength would be my knowledge. Without that, I should have been killed hundreds of times by now, even if simply by a foe who I could not recognise as superior to me. As for my greatest weakness, I think it would be my curiosity. It has helped a great deal in gathering the knowledge I regard so highly, but it has led me to do some things which were foolish, given some hindsight.




Drielle: Would you define yourself as a sensual man??


Aklon: Not exlusively. I enjoy greatly the pleasures of the mind and the senses both. There can be little enough of them in the world to ignore one in favour of the other.




Disari: What are the qualities you value in a group leader??


Aklon: Intelligence and wisdom above all. I have no desire to follow a fool. Courage has its uses, but is not necessary, though the decisiveness it can bring is important as well.




Drielle: In a relationship do you see yourself as supportive, mature, and understanding?? (please elaborate)


Aklon: I should like to think so. If one loves another, as I believe you are implying, how can one not be these things? As for myself, I have seen much of the world and know that there are as many ways of doing things as there are people, and that none of them is necessarily right or wrong.



Disari: Last question. Define loyalty.


Aklon: The condition of being loyal. But that is not what you meant, is it? For myself, it would be not abandoning a friend even when the situation is dire and helping them is not in one's own interest.




Drielle: Last question. How would you spend the perfect evening with the woman of your dreams??


Aklon: I confess this is not something that I have considered overmuch. Perhaps one could begin such an evening with good friends at an inn or other gathering, enjoying food and drink and speech. Then walk in a garden or safe wood, to enjoy such things just with one another beneath the stars.

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Disari: Well one day I would like to educate you. If you ever make it to Athkatla I seem to keep turning up there in various incarnations. Maybe you will be around for one of them soon.


Aklon: Perhaps. I will surely find it interesting.




Drielle: Affection is great look at Minsc and Boo. Trust is essential. Passion and understanding are pretty important wouldn't you agree??


Aklon: Understanding, in the way you speak of it, is often a trait of personalities, not relationships. Many cannot accept those things which stray far from what they desire to see. They may suppress such things for a time, but they cannot do so forever.




Disari: I like that attitude I am pretty pragmatic on that subject too. I have some friends who take the religious thing way to seriously. I spend way too much time in the temple district for my liking.


Aklon: The gods help those who help themsleves, as they say. But you had best thank them anyway.




Drielle: Affection is such a tame term. You sometimes remind me of a character named Spock. I do agree in a committed relationship affection is required. Liking the one you love is always a good thing. But that sort of deep committment would require some feelings of need, want, and desire. A deep need that requires that person to feel happy and complete.


Aklon: Passion is a wonderful thing and something greatly to be desired. Perhaps I am lending too much meaning to the word "affection". I am including within that, for the relationships you refer to, passion as well. For without a totality of affection, or love if you prefer, passion is fleeting and does not last.




Disari: Knowledge is power. That is a given. Healthy curiosity is also good. I know little of monks. It makes me curious about you. What are your strengths in a party how do you contribute??


Aklon: In an adventuring party? At the least, I have a strong arm and I think suffiecient knowledge of battle to make a good showing for myself. In other areas, I like to think that I have a store of wisdom and skills that can be of use to any group. I can read many languages and know much of cultures beyond those of Faerun. I know somewhat of magic and can often identfy the general purpose of enchanted objects or standing spells. I know herbs and plants, and practice the healing arts, though perhaps some of those friends you spoke of earlier may prove superior.




Drielle: OHHH sensuality of the mind now that sounds intriguing. I could make a lot of comments but perhaps I should just leave it at that.


Aklon: As you wish.




Disari: Very good answer. What are your feelings about following a young woman as a leader??


Aklon: I have been under the command of women before, I do not consider it to be a thing I should not subject myself to. Unless she should be a fool.




Drielle: umm. I have a condition of unfortunate shapeshifting I have to learn to control. How would you handle that situation?? I sometimes have really disturbing dreams and wake up with strange new powers. Again same question?? I sometimes have a penchant for larceny. Especially when the reward is cool magical stuff. Same question.


Aklon: Would I consider myself understaning and supportive of such, you mean? Of the shapeshifting and powers, certainly. Whatever the source of these strange occurrances, I doubt that I would be concerned by the results, unless they place me in personal danger. In such a case I would have some concern with protecting myself, but that would not necessarily exclude friendship or... affection, as I believe you are referring to, with such a person. Loyalty, you remember. In any case I am sure that I would lend whatever assistance I could to a friend in need of help.


Larceny is a slightly different matter. Personally, I prefer to obtain things I desire through the most legitimate means I can, though I do not have any objection to the idea of larceny or its use by my friends. I have been known to do such things myself when I feel they are warranted. However, while I may be loyal to a friend, I do not appreciate those who are foolish with their greed and would bring down retribution upon me through it. This is not something a friend would do.




Drielle that is a pg answer. Surely you can do better. The woman of your dreams?? Friends are really good to have. But in some instances are redundant. This should be one of those times. You need a rethink.


Aklon: I told you had not considered it overmuch, but I know what you are driving at. Perhaps such matters would be best left between myself and this hypothetical woman, do you not think?

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Noctalys: *An elvish woman with impossibly deep eyes and a sphinx like smile glides serenely into the room.*


Aklon, I would like to know your opinion on war based on lies, or a war or ideal with clay feet. For example, a high priest sends his loyal gathering to a distant land to "convert nonbelievers and spread religion" while in reality actually promoting genocide and cruelty in order to gain more land and wealth. What is your opinion of the soldiers that wage such a war? Do you see them as innocent victims, led to believe what they do is right, pawns of a person who abuses their power in order to further their own gain? Or do you see them as willing participants, people who walked into the war with both eyes wide open, knowing the truth behind the pretty words spouted by the higher clerics? Or do you see it as a mixture of the two?


I would also like to know your stance on individual causes. Have you ever believed in a cause so resolutely that you would lay down everything you hold dear in defense of said cause? Or do you perhaps avoid taking up individual causes?




Aklon: You ask complicated questions. Many a war has started with a pretext of some kind, especially in more civilised areas where naked aggression is likely to provoke alliances of mutual defence in one's neighbours. Where such pretexts are used, it is because they are required for the purposes of the leader or leaders, be it to calm neighbours or obtain the following of one's own people. I find it... saddening that someone would debase their honour in such a way, though not all users of this tactic can be said to have had much honour prior to its use. I do not regard the war itself as any different to any other though. In this regard, the goblin-kin races are much more honest than others, for they never mince words about why they seek war.


As to the soldiers in such a war, I believe that one cannot judge them as a group in this regard. Some of them will truly believe in what their leaders have told them with all their hearts, and will not believe if you should tell them otherwise. The remaining soldiers will participate either through a routine sense of obedience to their leaders or nation or people, or though the personal desire to obtain gold, slaves, fame or land. I have seen all three types in wars.



As for individual causes, I have never believed in something so strongly that I would lay aside everything I had to defend or promote it. Perhaps I have simply never found anything worthy or needing of such defence. I find that individuals are easier to believe in than causes.

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Ravenna: Do you ever get bad dreams, Aklon? If so what are they like? (She smiles slightly) If you don't mind speaking of them that is. I sometimes get very frightening dreams and I was wondering if there was something you would recommend for a peaceful night's sleep.


Aklon: I do not mind speaking of my dreams, thank you for the courtesy of asking, but in truth, there is little to tell. I dream from time to time and some of those dreams are frightening. I recall very few of my dreams, most often they are memories, of times with companions now left behind and of old battles, which tend to be the ones that are bad.


If you suffer from habitually bad dreams there are several things I could recommend. If there is an underlying cause to the dreams you might seek and destroy it, but that would hardly be suitable to do in the middle of the night. Speaking of one's fears can be useful, as sharing them with another often lessens their power. Physical exhaustion also is useful in this regard, for the mind seems not to wander while it lends strength to the body.


Lastly, there are a few herbal preparations I know of that can still dreams. They are swift, but many of them deaden the mind also. Now that I come to think of it, I believe I have something that might suffice, should you require it.




Ravenna: Have you ever gone back home or can you? (Ravenna bites her bottom lip for a moment and says) Or do you perhaps believe, like I do, that home is a place you take with you? A feeling that you can find inside yourself.


Aklon: I agree that Home is something we make for ourselves. Perhaps it is not always with us, but we can forge it anew when we wish.


And I have never returned to the first place I called home. I could do so, but there is nothing there any longer that deserves the name. I have brought my home with me, it is the road.

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Icelus: Aklon, what is your opinion of Tuesday?


Aklon: Tuesday is an excellent day, one of the best. I am given to understand that it is a day which is a most propitious day for the presentation of operas and other such things.

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Aklon, what is your opinion of Tuesday?


No, no, it should be: "Aklon, are you OLD?"

(He is 37. _Man_.)




Seriously, though, it might be fun. So, I'll try, too. Do forgive my CHARNAME: she is a little... unstable.

So noted. :)



Kulyok: Wh-what is the point? L-life is so hollow... Hey, you! Yes, you, with a ponytail! Tell me, what is the point?


Aklon: I think you expect rather a lot of me to supply the meaning of life in a nutshell. Be that as it may, I do not believe there is a specific point to being alive, beyond living itself. But do not think of that as being hollow, take it as a great freedom. The gods may take their entertainment from you, but you can choose for yourself what your purpose is, the why of your life, and you can never be wrong about it. Not every being has such freedom, so you should cherish it when you have it. (Aklon sniffs the air) I also suspect things may seem less hollow for you in the morning.



Kulyok: Rrrrrrrrrrromance conflicts... open r-r-relationships... (hic!) I say: BULLSHIT! He is my property, and I am... his p-property... maybe. Or maybe not. What say you, ponytail?


Aklon: (Aklon raises an eyebrow) I see we have skipped formal intorductions. My name is Aklon, by the by. At any rate, I believe you are asking about a relationship between lovers, yes? I mislike the use of the word property in that context, though I do not disagree with the idea that love should entail some level of... exclusivity. It is a large world though, and I have seen lovers who do not live by such notions, and yet remain happy with one another. I suspect it would be down to how the minds and hearts of the lovers work.



Kulyok: (hic!) Willya comfort a desperate Bhaalspawn? Willya?


Aklon: Drink may make a desperate situation seem even more desperate and will very often lead to regrets of all stripes come the morning. Believe me, I know it well. Might it not be best if you were to wait and see what form of comfort you require in the cold light of day?

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Drielle:Hi there Handsome. How's it hangin'? I have a question for you. I'm a lonesome troubled adventurer who has to get my best friend back from a really bad guy. Not to mention I have some serious payback to give him for myself.

But along the way I am looking for love. I've got some serious contenders.


A human cleric with an irritating habit of saying "prithee" who is childish, needy and arrogant. But kinda cute in his own "very" unique way. He has some family issues.

A young human sorcerer with a gift of gab. Very nice and cute and even endearing. But the aforementioned 'young' really describes him. He is sweet and charming. There really isn't much that is complex about him, that is a good point but also a bad one. He can be a bit boring.


There's also an annoying but interesting Red Wizard I've known for a very long time. He can be a real pain but sometimes the bad boy type is a real turn on. He is complex and interesting. He is also smug and thinks he is better than everyone else. He is really fun to talk to keeps me on my toes trading insults veiled with innuendo. He isn't boring.


Then last but certainly not least there is an elven necromancer from another plane.

He has much to recommend him. He is definitely a bad boy. He has an unfortunate attachment to a former associate. Every time he cries her name it makes me grit my teeth. He definitely makes my little heart go pitter-pat. He is

definitely much more mature than some of the other contenders. But sometimes the unfortunate attachment is a real turn-off.


There's also a Drow from the Underdark. I find him way too dark and philosophical. He wants my heart, but I hate his poetry. When he worries about golems its just too much.


So my question for you.

How would you win my heart?

How would you compete and compare with my contenders?

How would you describe yourself in relation to them?

What would you do?


I'll let you think on it awhile.

But remember I'm lookin for love.





Aklon: You ask your questions directly, to be sure. Very well, let us consider what would be possible.


So, how would I win your heart? What would I do? A difficult question since each woman is unique and you have given me so little knowledge of yourself. Would you be impressed with a gift? Would you prefer a task done to ease your own labours? Would a foe struck down in your name be agreeable? It would seem that you are needing help in recovering your friend and gaining your vengeance on this bad man, so at the least, I should offer you such help. Likewise, since you are lonely, I would provide you with the best company and comfort I could muster. Beyond that, I would use whatever application of my own skills gave you the greatest... amusement.


How would I compete with the contenders? I suppose it would depend on the individuals I was competing with. I could see the competition with the sorceror or, oddly, the drow being simply striving with one another for your affections. From your description, the cleric, the necromancer and most certainly the Red Wizard would prove more... fractious rivals. I prefer not to engage in that sort of thing if I can avoid it, leaving my own qualities to speak for themselves. Should it be required, however, I believe I could hold my own with whatever challenges these adversaries could conjure. Though I think the Red Wizard would need some preemptive action if I wished to keep my skin.


How would I compare with the contenders and how would I describe myself in relation to them? I would describe myself as an educated man, though exactly how knowledgable I am would be open to debate. I am rather curious and willing to go through much to satisfy that curiosity. I would call myself a loyal man, not easily swayed or given to dissembling once I have decided to bind my fate to something. I would not call myself a good man, though I try to avoid doing harm to others. I have past connections, for I have known many people in my life, but none of them reach into the present.


In relation to the other contenders, I would say I would be closest to the necromancer, in that I consider myself a mature man. I can be philospohical, like the drow, but I find the musings of philosphers are often far from the experiences we find in this world. As for the rest... Am I sweet and charming like the sorceror? Arrogant like the Red Wizard or the cleric? Dark like the drow? Pompous and opinionated? Silver tongued and witted? I think such things would be matters of opinion, so I am afraid you would have to discover these for yourself.


And that brings me to a point. Before I finish, I have a question for you. Curiosity, you see.


You seem to be assuming that I, and indeed all of these men, will fall immediately in love with you. What would you do to win their hearts? Something to ponder, perhaps.

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(I hope this is the right way to do this. Oh well...)


Yup, 'tis. :)



Mayg: (A nervous half-elf sidles into the room and fidgets for a couple of minutes before speaking) Uhm... Hello, Mr. Aklon... My name is Mayg, and I was hoping to ask you a couple of questions...


Aklon: Greeting Mayg, by all means ask your questions. And you may call me simply Aklon, if you wish, that name enough for me.




Mayg: What is your position on Lycanthropes? Specifically, um, the ones who try to control their alternative forms...


Aklon: Lycanthropes do not worry me particularly. As with most beings they are dangerous, but the infected, who cannot be reasoned with, are especially so. Not that I have ever had the need to reason with one, mind you.


As for a person who tries to control their lycanthropy, I would applaud them. Even the cursed need to live and given the proper precautions for the full moon there is no reason a were-beast should ever harm anyone.




Mayg: If you were forced to choose between rescuing the one you love... (blush) or saving an entire city, which path would you choose?


Aklon: I am afraid I would not have the capacity to save a city from anything that might threaten one. If somehow given that choice though, I would save a loved one in preference to a city.




Kyoko: (Suddenly emerges from the shadows) Geez, sis, tame questions as always. Ne, Aklon, ever travelled with a wisecracking bard? (smirks) Wanna try it?


Aklon: Well hidden, sister of Mayg. I have never travelled with a "wisecracking bard" as such, but you do remind me of an old friend of mine. If we are headed in the same direction though, I would surely welcome your company. It is said that a bard's tongue makes for light steps.




Mayg: Kyoko! That is no way to address a man like Mr. Aklon! ... Um, if I could just ask one last question before my sister attempts to inebriate me... Did I not see you in Candlekeep once, many years ago? I believe you were speaking with my foster father about philosophy... I seem to recall you left him rather riled...


Aklon: Candlekeep is a place that I have visited, though as you say it would be some years ago now. I cannot say if I ever met your foster father, you would have to describe him to me. But I spoke with many in Candlekeep, some who were perhaps not so glad to hear my words, so I suppose that it is possible.




Kyoko: Mwahahaha... Where can we find the winter wine in this place?


Aklon: (Aklon arches an eyebrow) I can see that I shall have to watch my tongue in future, Kyoko, is it? The barkeep may have a supply under the counter, if that is your preference.

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Celestyn: Yo, Aklon! How ya doin'?


Anywho, I can't think of a question that hasn't already been asked, soo..


What do you think about... assassins? I'm an assassin, I just wanted to hear your opinion on the profession?



Aklon: Assassins are as varied a group as any profession. I have known bloodthirsty creatures who lived only for the kill, as well as almost kindly individuals who killed for loyalty to nation or ruler.


Unless they are attempting to ply their trade on me, I have no quarrel with assassins. I have been a mercenary myself, so I can hardly find fault with those who kill for money, assuming that is what they do. Assassins are often skilled fighters and know things of great interest.


And I thank you for the trust in telling me your profession. It is not something that I would tell to a relative stranger in a tavern.

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