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Ice Damage = No items drop = annoying :(

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Heya :)


I was just dropping by, because someone recommended me to visit you guys for my question. The ice attacks are my favourite of all, in Baldur's Gate (I own only the first - not TOSC or the rest of the series), but there is one big disappointment. When I struck an enemy with it, and he freezes and shatters into pieces, he doesn't drop any sort of items! Well, except gold from time to time. So I wonder, if there is anyone who might have the time to make a mini mod, or if there already is somewhere to at least tell me where to download a mini mod which counters this effect. I want to be able to pick up ALL items, and STILL see the enemy frozen and shattered into pieces as usual. Can anyone please help me?

Really love the ice damage effect. ;)

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