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A couple of questions


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I have a couple of questions about GemRB.


1. I noticed while playing PS:T that whenever something gui related is happening, the game slows way down and a bunch of text is printed on the terminal regarding files being found (or not found). Is the speed of gui loading going to be improved or is it a problem relating to the general slowness python is sometimes known for?


2. Is it possible to put in a warning screen when you need to change cds? I was not too happy when I figured out that I was probably going to need to copy my PS:T cds to the hard drive and it will prevent me from being able to test my other IE games due to limited hard drive space. I'm guessing the actual displaying of the warning screen would be handled by GUIScript, but it's actually the data files that determine when it would be displayed. I'm still pretty new to this, so I am not sure how that would work, but I'm guessing that GemRB would first need to be programmed to check to see if the cd needs to be changed before loading a new area. GemRB would also have to not be accessing the cd in any way so that the cd could be unmounted.


Thus far I am pretty impressed by GemRB and I hope to help out in any way I can. I am currently learning python, so I will eventually be able to help out with GUIScripting, but in the meantime I will test it every week and report any bugs I encounter.

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Thank you for reporting back :)


Some of the speed related issues could be fixed if there is less output in the debug screen. Some consoles are just too slow.

We also need to optimize some gui parts (ie.: move slow code from python to C++), i've noticed this slowness in the inventory/store so far.

We are also slow when loading lots of area sounds.

The CD problem is known, and will be handled correctly, it is just not such a high priority as some other issues (we have many, as the game is just in pre-alpha state).

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