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Middle Earth Online

Tameon the Dragoon

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Okay, you see, there is this Lord of the Rings game coming out this winter called Middle Earth Online. You can be Humans, Elves, Hobbits, and Dwarfs. The game itself will start in the middle of the first book, and will progress to the end, probably even thru post LOTR events. You can also join clans, and in this game, clans get BIG. One of them is known as the Hand of Isildur.


Anyone who knows about the game knows about the Hand of Isildur. They're frighteningly powerful, even though the game hasn't come out yet! They have a navy, a government, and a website to boot. This annoys me to no end, becouse they are forgetting that this is just a game, and giving gamers a bad name.


I myself am going to, when the game comes out, join the Happy Hobbits of Middle Earth. It is will mostly be comprised of Hobbits, but we will have others too. We are small now, but as the release date draws near, we will be one of the most powerful clans in the game, I know it! Our goal is to teach the Hand of Isildur a lesson.


My role in the HHOME is to gather and recruit people, due to my irristable charm and the fact that I'm the only one of the three leaders (yes, yours truly is third in command) that is a member of not one, but four message boards. I need your help to defeat the Hand of Isildur. I'm asking you, if you wish and are interested in this game, to join our clan when the game is released.


I know this seems silly considering the release date is so far away, but the over pretentious (sp?) Hand of Isildur already has forty members, and if we are to stand a chance we must start forming our army early as well. This game will be amazing, and with the Happy Hobbits, you can make an impact on it!


Please reply, I need to report back to my boss with good news :D !


Edit: Guess what! We have a website! Yay! Here it is...But don't click! Copy and paste.



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