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  1. Oh, sure, I love a good quest. Not saying that. But part of Ajantis's charm for me is that he's very plain, without any secrets or demonic heritage or hidden agendas. Resurrecting him via a quest seems a bit too grand. Not that I don't have faith in Jastey. She's a fantastic writer, as evident from the BG1 NPC Project. I wish you the best of luck, and know I'm rooting for you!
  2. I've always been a fan of Ajantis's "down to earth" style. He always seemed very normal to me; a stereotypical Paladin, but without being dull. "He wore his true colors on his sleeves", or however that phrase goes. My concern is that Ajantis still being killed will lead to him being resurrected. Now, resurrecting him is all fine and good, I suppose, if it means I'll get to have Ajantis in my party; but I'm a little concerned that it will be too spectacular for the character. The idea of some grand quest involving magic or divine intervention just seems out of place for the plain Paladin from BG1. Are my fears well founded, or am I sounding stupid right about now?
  3. I went camping over the weekend. My immediate thought following my return and a good, long nap was "Hm... I should check the forums". However, I soon decided that despite my long absence, there wouldn't be any new developments. Lo and behold, I was very much so incorrect. I hate it when I'm wrong, but in this case I'll let it slide! This was a very pleasant discovery! Good luck to the both of you!
  4. Tameon the Dragoon


    I'm not much of a Githzerai man myself, but Monks are great. I was really hoping someone would make a TuTu Monk NPC one day. I look forward to it's finished form!
  5. I wasn't aware Branwen was a Thief.
  6. Many, many congratulations to you, Domi! And to the rest of the team as well! You guys worked hard, but believe me when I say that people will enjoy this mod for a good long time! Just as TuTu changed BGI forever, the BGINPC Project will no doubt change TuTu forever! I can't play BGI without either of them now! So, congrats to everyone! You guys deserve a big ole round of aplause!
  7. Will he still be featured in the mod as a nonjoinable NPC?
  8. Oh, poo. Thanks a lot, Bev. Jeez. By the way, has a voice actress been chosen yet? Or...have you started looking for one?
  9. Alright! Gettin' so close! Go, go, go! I'm so excited!
  10. Jeez, NiGHTMARE, you said you wanted at least five NPCs, but by the sound of this you want way more! But of course, that's fine by me . Alora, Garrick, Kagain, Yeslick, Montaron, and Xzar as fully playable NPCs?! Yay! I didn't know they are a part of LoI! Will they be any less of NPCs, since there are so many? And no Tiax? He *is* an evil Gnome. Aw...can't have everything, I guess. But, with me at the helm of Branwen, and Jolyth pretending she's working, we will have the best BG1 NPC of them all!
  11. Yeah, I guess. But I got what he was saying after I saw the private workroom. Sounds cool, NiGHTMARE.
  12. You polymorphed me into a gibberling? That isn't very nice. I would have liked it if you asked before turning me into a gibberling...
  13. We're in! Jolyth and I will work on BG2 Branwen as soon as the BG1 NPC Project is done. Also, NiGHTMARE, we will be bringing our own coder, as a friend of mine will be joining the modding community and this is the perfect place for him to start (that is, a mod that I am also in).
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