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    Modding's cool. Playing Baldur's Gate. Reading BG forums. The other half hours a day, I eat and sleep.
  1. Barren Fischa

    Anishai One Day NPC

    Anishai One Day NPC View File From Barren: This is my small contributin to JCompton's one-day NPC project. It makes Anishai, the monk from Mae'Var's guildhouse, a joinable NPC. Submitter Barren Fischa Submitted 11/19/2011 Category Anishai One-Day NPC  
  2. Barren Fischa

    Anishai One Day NPC

    Version v2


    From Barren: This is my small contributin to JCompton's one-day NPC project. It makes Anishai, the monk from Mae'Var's guildhouse, a joinable NPC. Readme: English, French, German
  3. Barren Fischa

    Progress reports

    Hey everyone. I'm kind of a little sorry for disappearing for so long.... In fact, I don't really expect anyone to actually remember me *laughs* But I've had somewhat of a rekindled interest in Planescape and BG lately, so I just thought of checking if this mod was still active. Sad to see that it's not the case. But anyhoo, if anyone (JPS or others) still wants to work on this project, I'd like to get back on board.
  4. Barren Fischa

    AC: Forums are back!

    Ashford City forums Sorry for the recent downtime of Ashford City. We were moving servers and our database had become corrupted in the process. We're back now, so just click the link above to access Ashford City's new location (everything's not completely functionnal yet).
  5. Barren Fischa


    Heh... Even if he finishes writing it, Icelus or myself still has to code it! ^^
  6. Barren Fischa


    Actually Alaya, a romance with Haer'Dalis must have been one of the most popular mod projects around. It just seems to be a cursed project, since everyone gives up at some point. ^^
  7. Barren Fischa

    Flirt suggestions

    Heh, Colossal Cave... That's what inspired Roberta Williams to create the first visual adventure game
  8. Barren Fischa


    (And yes, it will be a Weidu mod)
  9. Barren Fischa

    Any conflict with Aklon?

    It should be an optional component, of course, but I'm all for it.
  10. Barren Fischa

    Flirt suggestions

    "For the glory of Amn, put something on, people!"
  11. Barren Fischa

    Comments on "Progress Reports"

    Hola Kukunbei, Espanol no es mi fuerte, pero puedo comprender que estas dichiendo (sp?). Espero que esto mod va a estar completo algun dia, y que va te gustar. La Haer'Dalis Romance va a estar en ingles, pero creo que alguien (Immortality? Es una hispanohablante...) va la hacer en espanol tambien algun dia...
  12. Barren Fischa

    Comments on "Progress Reports"

    The whole concept of a HD romance is cursed. Just visit the Attic forum, there's at least 3 similar dead projects there.
  13. Barren Fischa


    Well, they do that using Mind Blast, and high level psions can use it too!
  14. Barren Fischa


    They stun those without psionic powers. And granted, there are few psionic creatures, but being able to counter the Illithids' intelligence drain alone would make it worthwile! ^^
  15. Barren Fischa


    Mayhaps you can implement mental combat with other psionic creatures? (Yuan-ti, Illithids...)