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weird values in the equipped weapon field


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Some might have noticed that weird values like 65514 appear in the equipped weapon field when a bow is equipped.


The explanation:

65514 is -22 if you convert it to a signed 16 bit value.

Normally this field contains 0,1,2,3 - which are the weapon slots, that map to 35,36,37,38 (see slots.ids)

If you take another look at slots.ids, you will see that the first quiver slot is 35-22 == 13

So, that's the explanation, the equipped weapon field is a slots.ids number - 35.

Don't ask me why the bioware guys subtracted 35 from it, they haven't done this with the quickslot/quickitem fields. They also don't use 10-35 = -25 for the fist equip (no weapon equipped), they use 1000 in that case.

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