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Can't Register to GemRB


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Hi, I am trying to register to the GemRB in the website, but when I filled the form and press the submit button, i never get an email in my email account :D


So i don't know if they are no taking new members or what but i want an explanation


My email is a gmail account like this (Just in case...):




Could anyone givme an answer! :D

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Thanks, but if I want to help with the project???


The think is that I am already tired of using Microsoft to play BG, BG2, Torment, etc.


And running the games on Cedega... :D well... i don't really like it.



So when i knew about this project i really want to help, but i don't know how to start, so i thought that if I joined you could tellme where to start and what to do! :D

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To help in the project you need to register on sourceforge (this was always the same and didn't change).


The route to join the project is the following:


1. download the public cvs version, compile and install it.

2. find bugs in it and try to fix them on your own

3. submit patches via sourceforge / make yourself available on #gemrb

4. if you submitted enough patches and generally been helpful you might be given developer access.


You don't have to register on sourceforge for step 1 and 2, and probably even 3.

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