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Kensai Speed Factor Bonus Error?

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For combat, Kensais use two perm spells upon certain level ups; one spell, which is applied once ever three levels, increases damage and THAC0 (SPCL141), the next lowers a speed factor (SPCL143), and the final spell, applied once at creation, gives Kensais a two point armour class bonus (SPCL142).


I used these spells on a mage; there's no speed factor difference, so I question the legitimacy of SPCL143...but what really concerns me is that, when prodding into the number of effects, I noticed that a Kensai appears to have one more SPCL143 (the speed factor spell) applied than normal. The THAC0 spell is correct; ten applications at level thirty one. However, the speed factor reduction occurs once per four levels, so at the cap for level thirty one mages, a Kensai should have seven perm SPCL143's attached. But the Kensai I looked at had eight. Is this a BioWare oversight?

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