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  1. The Dawg has no sense of humour. It's one of those unfortunate side-effects of being a robot.
  2. I probably would have laughed harder at that if I didn't have to google it, first.
  3. Yeah. You've got nothing to worry about. I'd bang you.
  4. It's the CLAB for the custom priest of selune kit added by divine remix. The CLAB for your kit will have a different name.
  5. Unless you've done something seriously whacked like installing an IAP mod after a weidu mod then I wouldn't be worried about it.
  6. Please keep in mind that on several different occasions Valygar is acknowledged by those around him as a Ranger. He also frequently refers to himself as a Ranger. Unless you plan on changing a substantial bit of the dialogue concerning Valygar it's going to look kind of funny having him not be a Ranger.
  7. The main argument against Minsc being a barbarian is that he refers to himself as a Ranger. Repeatedly. And so does every other character in the game. Whatever is done to Minsc, I think he should be left a Ranger (perhaps with a specific kit) for that reason alone.
  8. Thanks, Andyr. It actually works properly now.
  9. I still argue that he shouldn't be able to cast spells, but yeh, he should still be a ranger. I actually made a mod that essentially alters his berserk so it doesn't suck and allows him to gain more uses of it while disabling his spell casting. Haven't released it anywhere though. (There's still one kink I'd like to work out. I'm a bit of a perfectionist.) Incedentally, NIGHTMARE and I disagree on whether or not Minsc should suffer a spell casting penalty under ordinary play. Reading through the 2e rules it could go either way, depending on your interpretation. In 3e he would be una
  10. Another question....I used a spell similar to the one added by the Justifier kit from UB to remove spells from the character each level up and now an extra line gets spouted (One of Jaheira's line, text only, but Minsc's name displayed in front of the line)at every level. Is there any way to rectify this or do you need more info from me?
  11. Thanks Cam. I don't even want to talk about how many hours I spent futilely trying to make it work! I think I know about fifty ways it won't work though.
  12. I made a mod that adds a kit for minsc and gives it to him and can make it work for BG2, but whenever I try to set it up for tutu I get a parse error on the line and columns in which the commands are encompassed and can't install the mod at all I was hoping it's obvious I'm missing something important and I was hoping someone could look at my tp2 and tell me where I'm going wrong. BACKUP ~MinscKit/backup~ // so WeiDU can uninstall AUTHOR ~atomicswirlie@yahoo.com~ // contact address displayed if installation fails ASK_EVERY_COMPONENT BEGIN ~Add berserker kit~ // name of this co
  13. Rangers don't change racial enemies in 2e. Minsc was given a new racial enemy in BG2, but they also raised his stats. I would lump the changed racial enemy in with his stat increases. Bioware just wanted to make him more effective in combat.
  14. I used to think Valygar should be a wizard slayer and that his racial enemy should be a lich, too. I changed my mind when I asked myself when Valygar really started to hate magic. Was it before or after his mother and father became undead and he had to kill them? Sure, he probably hated magic before then as well but I doubt it was as much as he did at the point he meets the PC. Catching a wizard with his pants down is a pretty good way to kill him so he's already a pretty efficient wizard slayer and when he had to kill his parents he would have already selected his racial enemy so there's
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