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  1. Thanks a lot, Miloch. I really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks. So, uh, would it be possible to use the scorched-earth tactic of altering the berserk state itself? In other words, could I simply rewrite the berserk state to make anyone thus afflicted to attack the nearest target with a melee weapon and never use healing items?
  3. Before I get started on a little project, I was hoping to find out how possible what I'm trying to do will be. I'd like to set up Berserker Enrage, Minsc's Rage, and possibly the Barbarian Rage to all cause something similar to the in-game Berserk state. To whit, I want the innates to cause the player to lose control of the character -- the character will use a melee weapon to attack the nearest enemy, moving onto the next only after the current one has been killed, fled the map, or turned invisible. The character won't use potions, but would occasionally use High Level Abilities like Whirlwind or Critical Strike if they are available. Most importantly, though, I don't want the Character attacking the party at any time during combat. The other thing I'd like to do (which is, quite frankly less important to me -- but would be neat if it could be pulled off) is use scripting to override the standard berserk state for barbarians and berserkers with the modified version spelled out above in the event they are ever affected by a spell or cursed item that would ordinarily cause them to go berserk. Specific lines of scripting and/or code would obviously be great, but I'm really not in asking anyone to do all my work or research for me. Simply telling me whether what I want to do is possible (and how "hacky" it would be) and advising me on where I should start would be just as well appreciated.
  4. I don't distinguish it, no, but the kit is unselectable and his class still reads "Ranger" in game.
  5. Right clicking the image and using "Save As" ought to do the trick...
  6. Actually, Miloch, Minsc is still a Ranger (I don't change this), so losing spell casting is a pretty big deal. Like most Rangers, Minsc can also only assign ** to weapons he uses, so I didn't really see much point to barring him from specializing in ranged weaponry, either. It's been a while since I've looked at it or played BG2, but I think Minsc may well become winded after raging, too.
  7. Heh, Bursk, you're too kind. To be perfectly honest, I've always kind of doubted that a lot of people played this one. One thing I've thought of doing, though, is changing his base class to fighter (the only way of which I'm aware to remove the spell casting messages at level up) and pulling in some barbarian class features. The ultimate effect would be to do something like this: I've also thought about making his rage more similar to the 3E whirling frenzy rage variant or even just replacing it with the Barbarian's. At any rate, I'm open to suggestions, and haven't yet made up my mind. EDIT: Whirling Frenzy description. (Scroll down a little.) Essentially, Minsc would get a strength bonus, a small AC bonus, a penalty to hit, and an extra attack.
  8. One (optional) component I'd like to see added which would make sense in SCS2 would be a tweak that sets imprisonment to allow a save. In other words, rather than having your AI not target the protagonist with imprisonment, just allow a save of some sort (perhaps at a penalty) against the spell. While you're in there, It'd also make sense to set maze to allow a save and add saves to all the vorpal weapons in the game. (I think the Halberd is the only one that has no save for its death effect. The Axe, I believe, allows a save but doesn't have it listed in the item description, but don't quote me on that.)
  9. I've used both together since this was an early beta. I've never personally experienced any skill point weirdness on character generation, and I'm skeptical of this mod causing such a problem.
  10. A dollar gets you ten that the BG2 fix pack changed it...and, if it doesn't, it probably should. If I remember correctly, the swashbuckler kit is only supposed to allow thieves to specialize in melee weaponry. And, Bursk, I'm sorry to say it, but your install does sound pretty borked.
  11. See what I mean? I'm getting so senile that I forgot to log in.
  12. While TDD won't work with Tutu for the aforementioned reasons, it will work just fine with BGT. BGT is actually quite stable now, so you can use it with confidence.
  13. You know, before that cute little blonde girl who stole everyone's hearts in ET and the Poltergeist movies became a household name, Drew was actually a boy's name......
  14. Shouldn't this thread be moved over to the craptalk forum if they are going to keep going with this shit? The off-topic discussion is lasting longer than the actual discussion about IA.
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