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Shadows of Amn Revisited


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Here's a little comic I drew after sitting through a certain cutscene a couple of times more than I should have...




(if I remember correctly, the forum automatically generates a thumbnail which you have to click on to actually read the comic. Sorry about the inconvenience; if I keep this up I'm sure someone can figure out a better way)


I've got three more comics finished and will post them over the next three days – this is partly a trick to get me to come back to the forums every day for as long as it lasts – and after that I've got plans for a couple of more, if anybody's interested.

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Here's today's comic, a little bit later than I'd planned. And it looks like I'll continue every day for at least the next week. After that I might have to change the schedule to "whenever I think of anything funny"...



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Notes on today's episode:


-The unnamed main character has no ears, and looks weird in profile. Imoen must have gotten her looks from her mother's side of the family.

-The uniform of the Athkatlan city guards does not, apparently, include pants.

-I did not just copy and paste Jaheira from yesterday's strip, I flipped her horizontally as well!



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Notes on today's episode:


-I did not forget to post something on Wednesday. You're just imagining things.

-This time Jaheira's arm is too short, and her head too small. Poor woman just can't catch a break.




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-It's not actually possible to draw a sword from a scabbard on your back unless your arms are twice the length of your body. But Minsc can do it anyway, because Boo helps him.

-Jaheira doesn't get any good lines either. Poor Jaheira.

-Colour's fun and all, but starting tomorrow I'll switch over to mostly black and white. Well, starting in the last panel today, actually, but I was hoping you'd think that was deliberate.



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