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Inventory Avatar/Paperdoll


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I want to give a creature that currently doesn't have an inventory avatar one.


The logic seems to indicate it is the first 4 digits of the creature bam name plus INV however this doesn't seem to work.


Is there some other logic to this or is this hardcoded so it only works for certain creatures, i.e the ones that already have them?


I understand all creatures that can be polymorphed into have inventory avatars but that still leaves a lot of creatures out.


I did notice that the wolf inventory bam doesn't follow the rule above, the animation bams are all mwlfG1, G2 etc while the inventory bam is mwlf0inv.bam. While trying to rename the wolf inventory icon to work for the dog none of these formats were succesful.


Anyone got anything on this or a workaround?

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The dog animation has no corresponding bam for displaying an image of a dog in the inventory as when polymorphed.


So far none of the renaming formats I have tried have been successful with the dog. mdogINV nor mdog0inv works.


I will try the numbering you mentioned.

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None of these work, I have tried replacing the 0 in MDOG0INV.bam with 1,2,3 & 4 and they don't work.


I didn't try anything fancy, I just copied the MWLF0INV.bam and renamed it.


Is it the exe that tells the engine to display MWLF0INV.bam for the MWLF animations? If so is it possible that the engine just doesn't cater for some of the creatures?


Can you polymorph into a dog in any of the other IE games? If so I could probably borrow those animations, no?

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The engine just tags inv to something, but i'm unsure what is it if not mdog[n]

The mdog anims are quite similar to mwlf anims in the sense they both may have auxiliary palettes.


Another stuff to look at are the anisnd files (anisnd.ids, mdog.2da)

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