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Unfinished Business v6 Now Available!


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A lot of new stuff for this release, and a big thanks to Barren Fischa, SimDing0, Ghreyfain, Andyr, and David Gaider for their assistance!




-Thanks to the efforts of SimDing0 and Ghreyfain, the BodhiHunt component has returned

-Courtesy of David Gaider, the Bhaalspawn Powers component has been included (ToB only)

-SimDing0's Restored Hell Minions component, which should correct the final battle with restored scripts, creatures, and animations

-The Greyhand Encounter

-A minor dialog restorations involving Squire Cathras

-The restoration of several more names for generic characters




-The Miscellaneous Tweaks component has been broken down into several smaller components

-Added a new option for low INT/WIS players to summon the wrong Imoen instead of the wish just failing (Kalah component)

-Reputation is now increased if you free the Djinni or raise Kalah successfully

-Valygar's cabin will now be accessible at all times, but he will only appear if you have been given the quest to find him

-Suna Seni will no longer flee back to Athkatla only to be killed by rakshasas--her fate has been rewritten

-Cleaned up a few grammatical errors, and reworded a few lines

-Upgraded installation program to WeiDU 153




-Graphic corrections made to Kalah's genie lamp (thanks, Rassadihn!)

-Fixed a few lines that had not been traified

-Corrected the Boots of the West to be sellable and display the disease immunity icon

-Fixed an error that would cause the darkened Temple Ruins map to appear after the defeat of the Shade Lord when given the Illithium Quest

-Fixed a bug that prevented the Planar Sphere's feral halflings from speaking their lines

-Fixed a bug that kept an Illithium Quest journal entry from being erased

-Fixed a bug that allowed the player to attack and kill Bodhi in the Restored City Encounters component

-Fixed a bug that prevented the player to get the correct dialog from Lonk the Sane and free the inmates

-Fixed a bug with Aerie's interjection of Saemon's speech in Spellhold that would break the dialog

-Fixed a bug that prevented both Cowled Wizards from disappearing in the Minsc quest

-Fixed a bug in Valygar's dialog that, when force-talked, returned an invalid reply

-Fixed a bug in Gorje Hilldark's dialog that brought up an odd reference to a "drow pet" even if Viconia is not in the party


Download: http://www.icelus.net/ub

Readme: http://www.icelus.net/ub/readme_ub.html

Forum: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?board=56

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