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ToB Fate Spirit & SoA-ToB Transition

kerr avon

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Like this idea a lot, and it reminded me of the thought that I have every time that I finish SoA and start ToB.


Ideally (for me) the opening of ToB should be played solo, through the Heads, the opening of the pocket plane, the Solar and the initial conversation with Sarevok. At that point you would then summon whatever set of companions that you want, and (if they were present at the end of SoA) they would appear with whatever XPs and kit they had, when they left the party. Those that you've previously had in the party would appear at the ToB starting XP as normal.

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Since it is a story decision, it can cause incompatibilities. Though for the moment, none of the Bioware NPCs is altered this drastically, so kicking Anomen or Cernd out of the party for a short period of time won't really break anything. But this is a point to keep in mind.

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