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Small (minor) Spell Error

Horred the Plague

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I found this while researching Dispel Magic, for the upcoming overhaul of the Detectable (Scriptable?) Stats package. Granted, I was looking through the BGT version, but chances are this error exists in the TuTu as well (I don't picture SBB rewriting your spells). So give it a quick check, when you have time, please.


SPWI250, Imoen's lockpicking ability, has the dispellability flag set as Dispellable. It should be set to zero (non-magical; not dispel/bypass resistance). I'm not even 100% sure this will make a profound in-game difference, but just in case.... ;)


I've already given the BG1NPC4BGT crew a heads up; just thought I'd finish the job and let the original source know.




P.S: (SIDE NOTE) Like so many others, I've really enjoyed this mod. It indeed adds a whole new dimension to the game. Keep up the great work! :D


P.P.S: (I really mean it, I'm not just kissing ass here! ;) )

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