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Crash with the Master of Thralls

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I'm not sure if this one is caused by the fixpack or the Boss improvements component of Quest Pack (or maybe the two interacting in a funny way), but every time the Master of Thralls in the Planar Sphere uses its hold effect my game crashes to the desktop.


EDIT: I'm working on a theory for the cause of this, now. I was having a few other bugs in my game and so I restored a clean install and reinstalled my mods. I found out that one of the mods I had previously installed and uninstaled didn't uninstall cleanly because there was already some shit in the backup when I downloaded the mod. Doing this removed the other (spell related) bugs I had, so I assume that the Master of Thralls bug will probably be gone as well. I started over, and will post again after confirming that there is or isn't a bug present.

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