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What's all this about?

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This mod will do a few things. First of all, with this mod installed then Viconia becomes bisexual - if you don't like that then don't install it. This is important because this mod allows a female PC to have a friendship with Viconia that, if you interest Viconia, could lead to a romance.


Where the male romance has two stages; 'Early flirty romance' and 'Serious romance', this relationship has 'Getting to know you/Form a friendship' and then a point of decision. The relationship can go in various different directions at this point. Viconia will take notice of how much you have been nice to her and taken her interest and also how much (if any) you have flirted with her through dialogue and forcetalk options. She may approach you romantically at the decision point. She may want to remain friends. She may decides she's had enough of you. If it goes into a romance then you will after that get the standard

'Early flirty romance' and 'Serious romance' stages.


Feel free to check the Progress thread and FAQ thread for more information.

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