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Reinstall issue


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Okay, here is what happened


1) I had a succesfull instal of NPC Kitpack


2) Anomen did not get his Cleric of Helm kit of Berserker kit with the passing/failing of tests, but neither did I start a new game, so that may be it (rest of it worked)


3) BG 2 has to be uninstalled and re-installed due to unrelated matters.


4) I first start BG 2up again with everything installed except the NPC Kit pack. why? Well the strings were going to be smahsed anyway, as I also installed new stuff, so I had hoped the kitpack would override these wrong strings. However, when entering BG2 only Imoen & Anomen display a weird name and the rest of the gang is showing their old class...


5) I reinstall NPC Kit pack. Unfortunatly the false strings are not overwritten. Not that is really to blame, but... Mazzy = called Deathbringer, but with truesword of Avoreen abilities. Korgan = Truesword of Avoreen with Battlerager abilities. I didn't check Edwin... All the items worked


6) I uninstalled as I can't handle a Truesword of Arvoreen named Korgan or a Deathbringer Mazzy... brr...


[edit] 7) Edwin = mage, Korgan & Mazzy = Fighter and they can't hold a darn thing (almost everything red, one item not for instance was the boots of speed or shaft of the wave). This does not go for Imoen or Anomen... Will have to CLUA them all back in.


[edit 2] 8) CLUA'ed Korgan back whom talks immediatly as if we are in the dungeon and the crypt has been broken (giving the proper journal entry). Good thing was that his berserker kit was back. :p Hope that everything goes well. I'll now CLUA Edwin back. Opt his lore (for nether scrolls) and hope that it all goes fine. I won't touch Mazzy since she is only in nostalgic saves at the end of SoA and ToB.


[edit3] Last edit, for I need to study a little more and then I am of to bed. I CLUA'ed Edwin and his quest also starts (with getting the scroll). However, looking with Shadowkeeper I can see that he doesn't seem to notice that all the things already happened. With korgan I am going to CLUA in his old 'allies' and then I am probably okay, but with Edwin... am I screwed or shall I CLUA him back in and let his quest just run again?


Still think you might want to adress the fact that if you de-install the old classes should be re-installed or something for this is quite unbearable... :p

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