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Sirine's call - getting it all!


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I accidentally found a way of getting it all ... all the treasure, all the experience points and all the satifaction of killing all possible enemies and I actually stayed in character!


My main character Eillefaerie is a chaotic good elven cleric, with pretty good charisma. She saved the kid and met the old man who gave her the warning about Sil. On her way to meet Sil she met three Sirines who attacked her with absolutley noprovocation and tried their damnest to kill her. This left her feeling just a little bit distrustful about Sirines in general. She had the chat with Sil, and took the "checking things out" option.


Wandering round the area looking for a place with enough area to rest and recharge spells she found a cave mouth ... and of course she went in. She got to beat up the Flesh Golems (2 of them), get lots of XP and all the treasure. And do an awful lot of healing - those golems don't half hit hard :rolleyes:


On returning to the lighthouse and talking to the old man he confessed and then offered her the deal. Feeling somewhat miffed by the nasty and unprovoked attack by the sirine's subjects, Eillefaerie decided that both parties were as bad as each other, and as this one was actually offering her something she took the deal.


Back she went to Sil and her minions, who attacked her. As she entered into battle with them the pirates also appeared. They accused her of stealing the treasure and waded in. Thank the gods for skeletons and Xan's sleep spells which saved the day and allowed the battered team to survive.


So I collected the XP for two flesh golems, and three sirines. I also got the pearls and arrows from th4e sirnes, all the treasure and the various loot from the pirates. I realise this is probably not what was intended but it was an honest to goodness accident!

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