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Help on Installing Mods for BG 2


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(First of all, I hope this is the correct forum for this. I judged it as being the correct one, but I might have been mistaken.)


After having re-started Baldur's Gate II + ToB with some mods installed, I have run into some strange glitches, despite doing to some troubles to make a list in which order to install the mods to avoid complications. I am able to live without some item descriptions (apart from the name, the descriptions for most swords are missing. Exceptions that still had their text were Wakizashis and Reikus so far.), but having Imoen shout about getting her T-shirt signed by Irenicus when emerging from the start dungeon, was a bit *too* weird even for a Loony such as me (although it was amusing). Also, there was a new Non-playable character in Waukeen's Promenade, above the Adventurer's Market. He was wearing very bright colours (I think there was grenade red and bright cyan), had a human-male avatar (I think it was that of a fighter), but apparently all his text was missing, as he did not even have a name in-game (not even a space for a name, as the scroll didn't unroll on moving the cursor over him).


With all this bothering me (or rather, curiosity from which mods those things were nearly killing me), I have decided to uninstall the entire game, and do a complete re-install of it and the mods. This time I really want to do it right, and I thought it would be best to ask for help from some people who (hopefully) have some more experience with this than I do.


Here's the mods I was planning on installing. I would be very happy if you could help me find the best order in which to install these, and also if you could point out any mods that might cause trouble when combined with others from the list, so that I might decide on ditching them. I'll sort this by source, as far as I can remember them (please don't kill me if I sorted something to the wrong source. I assure you that I did not do so intentionally, should this happen.).


The Gibberlings Three (I suppose I won't have to post a link?):


- Crossmod Banter Pack

- G3 Tweak Pack

- NPC Tweak

- Oversight

- Shards of Ice (Mini-Mod)

- G3 Anniversary Mod


Pocket Plane Group:


- Xan Baldur's Gate 2 NPC (this one I *really* want to keep. One of my favourite NPCs ever, the other being Alora.)

- Banter Pack

- Turnabout

- Ashes of Embers

- Quest Pack

- House of Sim

- Zyraen's Miscellany

- Unfinished Business




- FixPack v1.12

- English Language Game Text Update v1.2




- Ascension

- Easy Tutu_ToB (not sure about this one. I thought it said something about it also working with BG II and ToB)

- Weimer-Item Upgrade v.32

- Weimer-Ease-v32


Spellhold Studios:


- Check the Bodies

- Redemption

- The Jeremy Zinger Show (not sure about this one either. Does it allow you to otherwise play the game normally?)





So, these are the ones I am thinking of installing. What do you say would be the best order, and are there any I would better scratch from the list for reasons of compatibility? As a reminder, I have "Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn" as well as the expansion "Throne of Bhaal". I am also going to install the latest patch before installing the mods, of course.


Thanks in advance, for any help you might give.




- :rolleyes:;);):party::party::party::party:

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Scrambled dialogue means you installed the patch or a non-WeiDU mod after WeiDU mods, or installed the patch or mods with a game or game editor running. Reinstalling is the fix.


Tutu converts BG1 to BG2, and EasyTutu was made by Macready and not Wes Weimer. It's a separate game--it isn't a BG2 mod in the same way as the others, you use it if you want to play the BG1 storyline with the BG2 engine. You need BG1 installed. So if you wanted to play BG2, you shouldn't use it. I personally prefer BG1 so use Tutu.


The stuff you've got there seems mostly fine. Install Baldurdash before other mods. Put tweak packs towards the end of the install order. I am not sure whether Check the Bodies really works properly (it claims to be WeiDU but IIRC is badly coded so may well mess with your other mods--I'd dump it for now). I'd also recommend Song and Silence and Divine Remix (though the latter can cause some users installation issues, so if you are not confident using mods you may want to leave it for now), both here at G3.

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