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bam files not found [solved]


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Hi guys,


I'm currently using cvs version.

When trying to run bg1, it fails like this :


[KEYImporter]: Searching for TOOLFONT.bam...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for STONESM2.bam...[ERROR]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for TOOLTIP.bam...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for STONSML.bam...[ERROR]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for GAMETEXT.bam...[ERROR]

[Core]: Fonts Loaded...[OK]

[Core]: Initializing Tooltips...[KEYImporter]: Searching for TOOLSCRL.bam...[ERROR]


[KEYImporter]: Searching for defsound.2da...[Found in GemRB Override]

Press enter to continue...


bam files are not found, is this normal ?

Is it possible to create them ? (Will read the documentation)

I love this project ! :rolleyes:

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Well, bam files are animations/fonts/etc as you might have found out.


If you ran it on a linux/bsd system, chances are you have a case sensitive filesystem.

If that is the case :rolleyes: , then set CaseSensitive = 1 in gemrb.cfg


Please note, that a few errors may remain, either because the original dataset is buggy, or because GemRB tries to load resource files that don't exist in a particular game type. (These errors are not fatal).



If it wasn't the case sensitive problem, then check GameType in gemrb.cfg too. It must be bg1 for you.

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Yes, you're right !


In fact, I have bg1 and bg2 datas installed on Linux, and to change game, I just change a symlink to the GemRB config file, I modified paths for running bg1, but I forgot to change the GameType variable.


Thanks :rolleyes:

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