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ok so i might be a total newb and could be posting something thats more then likely answered somewhere but anyway O.o...


so i've finally figured out, for the most part, how to use kit editor... i can create my own spells, items etc...


my problem is that when i try to save said kit well i can't find it anywhere and when i load up bg2 all my other installed kits are completely screwed up... it repeats the last offical kit's name with some random phrase in the description window.


note: the "readme" says that it'll save it to some folder that i've previously selected only i havent selected any folder and can't find where to do just that -_-


my question is what am i doing wrong? i really really want to try my hand at kit creating and have for the longest time - but this is seriously fustrating me >.<


anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated and like i said, if this question was answered already, i'm really sorry for repeating it lol - i've been all over these [and various other] forums and havent found anything - thus why i asked XD

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You shouldn't use the Kit Editor--it's old, will cause problems if you try to distribute your mod to anyone else and has been superseded by WeiDU. :rolleyes: The scrambled text is probably a result of using that tool. Cam's written a tutorial explaining kit creation with WeiDU on these forums, starting here: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=584


Despite how it may look at first, WeiDU's actually really easy to use! If you want some sample code I'd recommend looking in the .tp2 for the Song and Silence mod available here. http://www.gibberlings3.net/sns/

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i have to admit that i hadn't thought of trying that... i had seen other posts about it but seeing as command line stuff isnt my forte was a little wary of trying it...


strangely enough i hadnt come across that tutorial... prolly just wasnt paying attention lmao


anyway, i gave it a shot and it worked like a charm! no errors in game... no screwed up kit descriptions... nothing :rolleyes:


thankyou so very very very very very very much Andyr - you just made my life TONS easier XD

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