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Quick Tutu installation question.


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I recently reinstalled Baldur's Gate so I could try out the Tutu thing and a few mods. I got a few errors installing using EasyTutu so I just uninstalled everything, reinstalled and patched both games, then got normal Tutu version 4 and the fixpack and installed them manually. Worked fine, BG1 now uses the BG2 engine, etc, etc.


Problem is, when I try to install LadeJarl's TutuGUI mod and the 1 Pixel Productions paperdoll mod, they SEEM to install fine, but there is no change at all to the look of the game. It still uses the BG2 GUI and still has BG2 paperdolls. Anyone have any guesses as to why it's doing that?


If it matters, my mod list is the following:


bg1 npc project

song and silence

tutu tweak pack

sirene's call

indira npc


and the two I just mentioned, TutuGUI and the 1PP mod. I ASSUME the other mods are working correctly, although really the only one I can check without advancing further in the game is song and silence, since the extra thief kits are available.


Thanks for any info.


EDIT: Fixed! I have no clue what I did differently, but playing around with different settings seemed to solve the problem. Thanks though!

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