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Racial Speeds


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There is one aspect of the game which is very annoying.


Short races are supposed to be slow. Some monsters are supposed to be ponderous.


For instance, a Halfling's unarmored movement is supposed to be 9"; a dwarf's 6". that is, a dwarf should take twice the time of a man or elf to cross a given distance.


Someone has worked out the location in the executable for speeds, which are linked to the animation IDs.


Or the slower speeds could be tweaked in with a permanent "decrease speed by..." effect.


Standard speed is 10; A dwarf, then, should get -5 speed. I don't know how that would work with my armor teak also decreasing speed by -5; perhaps that would have to have an offsetting increase for dwarves.


Because Boots of speed multiplying did not work with the armor speed change, infact two multipliers are never applied, I had to change those to inc 10. that would mean dwarves would be 3x faster, while humans would only be 2x faster.


I'd like to see the animation basic speed changed, since then all the NPCs would move at the right speed automatically & being shapechanged would not leave you still slow.

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