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installation error... what to do?

Guest Rune

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Hey there.

I was about to try out the amber mod, but after downloading, unpacking and pressing the setup icon it came up with this in the DOS promt window.




What to do? I know nothing about program language so I hope its not a very technical issue. I installed the Saerileth mod right afterwards without any trouble and it works perfectly fine.


(note: I do have a full installation of BGII and have ToB installed also, but there is no cd 1 to 4 for my game, since I bourght the game recently as a SoA/ToB compilation on two DVD's)

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The install stops because WeiDU had an error when loading a file called m#blank.mus. I assume, though I'm not 100% sure, that with 'error loading X' WeiDu means that it can't find the file. Please check that you have correctly unpacked the contents of the Amber-v11.zip to the main BG2 folder. The size of the amber folder should be 32,6 Mb and there's 830 files (huh!) in 14 folders (when she's not installed). That's the only explanation I have now though I should check if there's more causes to 'error loading X' than a missing file.


The reason we're asking the CD 2 (I'm actually surprised that no-one has asked that yet) is that we use some of the original game ambient sounds in our areas and they must be copied to the override folder or they'll fail to function. If you don't have a full install those files can be found in the CD 2. I'm not sure on which DVD they're, since I don't have the DVD version. The error you're getting is not caused by the ambient copying, though.

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Ive extracted the files:



to C:\Programmer\Black Isle\BGII - SoA

(same place and same way as I installed the WeiDU and Saerileth files)


I can't start the setup from any other place than the BGII folder so my guess would be its extracted to the the right place.

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Yes, but what I wanted to know if all the files needed are in the Amber folder. However, I forgot to tell you how to check it. (Sorry!) If you right click the Amber folder and choose 'Properties' from the list you'll get information of the size and content of the folder.

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Okay, that's strange as far as I know all download packages of Amber should identical. Just in case do you remember from which download site you downloaded the mod?


I'd try to delete Amber's files and the folder and the extract the files again from the .zip file. (They should all be there!) Note that depending on what un-zipping program you use, you should be able to browse the contents of the zip when you have double clicked it and the program has launched. So you can verify that the m#blank.mus mxm#am.mus (which is also missing) are definitely included in the amber-v11.zip you have.

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It seems like the problem was with my winrar (currently my default compression program), for some resaon it did'nt extract m#blank.mus and some other files as well. I tried extracting again using my old winzip and voila all was there!:)


Have to add...

I'm playing with Amber in my party now and I'm pretty impressed so fare, the quallity of both the sounds and dialogs are really well done.

(especially in comparison with the Saerileth Mod which also tired and skipped again because I felt the quality of both audio, dialogs and npc plot didnt have propper BGII standarts and was'nt worth while).

Amber very proffesionally made, I wouldnt at all notice it was a mod if someone else had installed it and it was my first time playing the game.


Thanks for helping me out with my installation trouble and kudos for adding more good stuff to a great game:)

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