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unusual damage types in iwd2


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"6-Piercing or Blunt (more)","7-Piercing or Slash (more)","8-Blunt or Slash (less)","9-Blunt missile"


I've not really tested 0 and anything >9

I've tested 6,7,8, and 9 so far.


6 - the damage is either piercing or blunt, whichever hits bigger

7 - the damage is piercing or slash, whichever hits bigger

8 - the damage is blunt or slash, whichever hits LESS

9 - the damage is reduced both as missile and blunt


I don't know if these damagetypes exist in bg2 or any other game, i've tested only iwd2.



In BG2 6,7,8 does the same as in iwd2. But 9 doesn't exist. (This makes sense, iwd2 introduced the blunt missile type).

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