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Bug in Sea's Bounty Inn


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I started a new game of BG2 yesterday and cute little Amber is already starting to mess with me. I can't seem to find "Nick" the guard who stole Ambers bracelet who is supposed to spend his spare time at Sea's Bounty Inn.


Is this a bug or is he hiding somewhere in the inn? Is there a cheatcode to make him appear?

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He is at the bar, and is carrying a bow.


Rather than giving you his DV to CLUA him in I'd like to find out why he isn't there.


If you can send me a copy of your ar0313.baf (found in the override folder which in turn is in your main BG2 folder) I can check that there's noting added by another mod blocking my script there. In addition weidu.log is another helpful file, that can be found in your main BG2 folder. You can send them to amber@welho.net


After you installed Amber did you continue from an old savegame? With the prison we had a problem with the script not working if player continued from a save where the party had already visited that area before installing Amber. It occurred to me that like the prison, Sea's Bounty is not in mastarea.2da (like for example the Docks main area is).

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Thanks for the reply


I looked through the override folder but no ar0313.baf file could be found there. Since I have quite many mods installed I suspected that one of those were a bit jealous at Amber so I tried to reinstall Amber and it made Nick appear in the tavern. But I have no clue which mod it was who blocked it, do you still want the weidu.log file?

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Sorry, I should have asked a ar0313.bcs not .baf. :p Since you've already modified your install by installing Amber again and everything is working there's no need to send those files. :p The script that puts Nick in that area is very simple and as far as I can see there's nothing wrong with it. Glad that it's working now.

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